Baby Evan .miraclebaby.

Today was a very special day; I was able to meet sweet baby Evan. 2 years ago I met this amazing couple that I had an instant connection with, there was something about Jenny and John that drew me to them and drew them to me. We met at a bridal show, my 2nd bridal show ever as my business was still in its new stages and they just instantly wrapped me in their love. I walked away from that bridal show waiting patiently for them to contact me and when they finally did I was elated! Fast forward two years, and we are here, I held the sweetest little boy who was the tiniest baby I have ever photographed. Evan was an answered prayer, so many prayers were sent up to heaven for this little guy, and God listened and blessed Jenny and John. It wasn’t an easy road, listening to their story I couldn’t help but cry and hug them. They are so strong and so in love with each other and now with little Evan. This session today was something that meant so much to me. I have been there for their wedding, I have prayed so hard for them to be blessed with a child, and today I was able to photograph this incredible blessing and to hold him in my arms and my heart. Today wasn’t a typical session; today was a reminder that my job is something God has given me to bless others and to have others bless me. As I am typing this my tears are of happiness and an overwhelming realization that life has some crazy ways of bringing you people that you really need in your life to make it complete. John, Jenny, and now Evan are some of those people. Who knew that a bridal show two years ago would have brought me to this place today, all I can say is God is absolutely incredible.


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