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30 May

Meghan+John .LeeCountyWedding.

So I met this really awesome lady and her mom at a bridal show I didn’t even think I was going to attend but I did after some thinking and I would have to say it was one of the best decisions I made that day because I met Meg and her lovely mom, Pam! […]

27 May

Amanda+Wes .WilliamsTreeFarm.

Its Wedding Wednesday so that means today Amanda and Wes are the couple of the day! These two are high school sweethearts and from the MOH’s toast they have complimented each other amazingly well since the day they met. Wes is quiet and Amanda is talkative and outgoing which from personal experience with my husband […]

19 May

Cherie+Brett .StorybookGardensWedding.

When I first met Cherie and Brett it was over coffee and from just that meeting I knew I wanted to be their photographer. What I had learned at that meeting A. They loved animals, especially cats. Cherie works as a vet tech! B. Brett really really loved coffee and taught me what a French […]