Top Ten Engagement Photos of 2015

So I LOVE engagement sessions! When I first started really getting into photography they weren’t my favorite along with weddings but when I really  learned how to be a successful photographer and also became a bride I had this amazing love for love! It was very difficult for me to narrow down to only 10 photographs because I just love all of my couples so much but here it is, the top 10 photos and a little story for each one!



Haley and Todd absolutely love to do outdoor things together so there was no way I wasn’t going to have them take photos without their fishing polls! I grew up with Haley and we have always connected and when I met Todd I instantly fell in love with how he treated Haley with the utmost respect. He is so gentle to her and I am so thankful God has brought them together. They get married March 12th this year and I cannot wait!!

Carissa+SpencerEvery time I look at this photo I laugh because they were both trying so hard to make serious faces and they broke. This photo is so them and so beautiful because it really captures their personalities. So many amazing things are coming their way this year from a new little one to getting married in June 2016 is totally their year!

Faith+KyleFaith+Kyle .e-session.ellAdelephotography.-19Um well first let me just say I have fallen in love with cows because this couple right here. They are farmers who have lots and lots of cows and it is awesome. I had this amazing vision that I was going to stick them in a field with the sunset and, of course, cows. Now normally when I have such awesome ideas they normally do not come together because sometimes the weather doesn’t want to work with us or because the setting isn’t exactly ideal but this on this lovely night it all came together perfectly! I really hope that we can photograph the cows in some of the wedding party photographs because that would be awesome! 😉 

This engagement session I was so excited first because I had never photographed anything in Dubuque and second I was excited because they were going to show me their favorite spots. Having Philip and Kristi drive me around and listening to them talk about their story really made me so happy I can do this for a living. They made me feel so at home and welcomed in their town. I got to see where they met, where Philip proposed, and some of their favorite spots to just walk around and hang out. I fell in love with this couple and I fell in love with Dubuque. 

Ulises+Justine+RoccoJ+U.e-session.ellAdelephotography-63This photo was taken down in Scottsdale Arizona where these three live. I happened to have family down there so when I booked Justine and Ulises wedding I gave them an option of a half engagement session in Arizona and the rest in Illinois when they came for Christmas. I am so happy I was able to do their engagement session partly in Arizona because I got to meet this cute pup, Rocco. I love when people bring their dogs for their engagement sessions because they are pretty much children and I can also get my doggy fix! Rocco, I am sure was just loving being in front of the camera that day and I think this photo shows how much he is loved. 🙂

This pose was something Cassie found on Pinterest and I would have to say we dominated that photo. These two have been such a huge part of my life and I cannot wait to be a part of their wedding in so many ways. I had such a hard time choosing a favorite from their session because I had soooooo many but this photo is one I come back to every time because it is simply perfect.

I met Regan when I went to Kishwaukee for Horticulture. I feel like we instantly clicked and we have both grown together in our businesses. She did the flowers for my wedding and now I get to photograph her wedding in April. Thier engagement session took place on her family property, we drove around and found amazing spots but this barn is one I will always love. By the way, they had cows too! 😉


When I first met Jessica she was a hoot and I knew I was going to like Ryan just as much. Thier engagement session was non-stop laughter and talking. My good friend came along for the ride and filmed me phtoograph thier engagement session and he happened to have a drone and after the word drone came from his mouth Ryan did not care about the photos. So Ryan got to fly the drone and I am pretty sure that made the engagement session awesome for him!


So when Lincoln and I went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving I happened to have an engagement session as well. I was so excited for Jade and BRennans session because it was in a completely new place I had never been before. That day it was rainy and cold but these two didn’t let it phase them. My cousin Jade was my assistant and I am very happy she was because she helped keep things in line when it came to hair, umbrella holding, and outfit checking! This engagement session was such a great adventure!


So I have been to Chicago a good amount of times but this time, around I had to people that knew Chicago extremely well and I got to see new places! This photo is one of my many favorites from Bailey and Jim’s session because it was not a planned photo. I love organic moments and this was one of them. I have a terrible habit of putting those moments in black and white and I am very happy this one I kept in color because I can still feel the emotions and happiness. Getting to know these two as a couple even more and walking the city for 2 hours made for a perfect way to end my 2015 engagement sessions.

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