Brittney+George .StarlineFactoryWedding.

I had checked my email back in my off-season and received an email that really pulled at my heartstrings; it was an email from Brittney. She didn’t have the best experience with her booked photographer and was stressed, like really really stressed. I emailed her back, and that led to a phone call that made my heart so happy. It was like I had known Brittney for years, she was the sweetest person and to know she was going through such a difficult time with her photographer truly broke my heart. I felt that God was pulling at me to do something so I helped her and George, and I was so beyond honored that they had me step in and photograph their beautiful day.

Some of my all-time favorite moments from the day….

-Seeing Brittney with her family while getting ready for the day, she was literally glowing!

-When George saw Brittney for the first time my heart about melted, he choked up and you could tell he was soooo excited to hold her hand!

-Even when things weren’t going smoothly Brittney and George really made the best of every situation! It becomes tough at times when there are some little things that fall apart but seeing how Brittney and George handled it was so wonderful.

-Seeing how their Irish heritage was so important to them was something that was refreshing. The excitement on their faces as the bagpipes led them out of the ceremony and then led them back into their reception was awesome!

-Thier night time shot, their appreciation and thanks literally brought me to tears. We have only known each other for a short time but I feel like they will be around for a very long time.


Brittney and George, I cannot thank you enough for your love, patience, and sweet words with everything the past year with not only you two but with my crazy life. I am so thankful God brought us together and I am so proud to call you two an ellAdele couple!


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