15 Favorite Moments of 2017 .ellAdeleWeddings.


Chelsey+Randy- A Momma’s Love 

I loved this sweet moment of Chelsey and her momma! Chelsey wanted to have her time with just her mom and I loved that idea. She did the first look with her ladies after her mom helped her get into her dress and I feel like those 15 quiet minutes that were just for her and her mom meant so much to Chelsey.


Katie+Eddie- Throw the Kiss Away 

These two seriously made me cry becuase I was laughing so hard! Katie and Eddie planned thier wedding in about 4 weeks and I was so happy that I was able to be a part of crazy non-stop 4 weeks! It was so windy that day of thier wedding but it didnt stop them from roaming around on the property of McEachran Homestead Winery!



Meg+John -Family Importance

At their engagement session, Meg and John shared with me the importance of the property we were using and how it meant so much to them. The acres we were using and exploring belonged to Meg’s family and it was the property she grew up on visiting her grandpa. At the end of their engagement session, we took some photos with her grandpa’s tractor so when their wedding day we ended up at John’s grandparents land and took a photo with his grandpa’s tractor. Seeing how much family meant to them was such a heartwarming experience. I lost my grandfather 6 years ago and knowing how important he was to me and how he made an impact made me feel so connected to John and Meg. Family is important so bringing them in anyway even through property or a tractor can make for some beautiful meaningful photographs.

Emily+Daniel  -Veils Aren’t Just For The Brides

Oh goodness, where to even begin! On Emily and Daniel’s wedding we explored Kilbuck Creek, Daniel lifted a tree out of the way, got his shirt dirty, they hiked up a hill after almost sliding down that muddy hill, and finally, they laughed and they laughed a lot. With that laughter came silliness and then this photo! Emily about lost it when Daniel decided that the veil was to be worn by him and then I lost it! I was so sad when this wedding day was over with because it was one of my favorites this year!

Alex+Dan -First Look With Dad.

I LOVE first looks with dads! It is the day that they hand their daughters over to a man to take that caretaking role that they have done their whole lives and it is kind of a big deal! When Bill turned around and saw Alex in her dress his smile was so big and you could tell he was so proud of his baby girl. These moments make my heart melt because I know how much I love my dad and that moment would mean the world to me too.

Wes+Michelle -First Look

When Wes and Michelle would talk about each other they would glow even just sitting next to each other they would have the biggest smile on their faces when speaking about each other. From their engagement session, I could tell their wedding day would be full of so much genuine love and it was. They wanted to do a first look because they wanted to spend that time together just the two of them. When I set Wes up for the first look I could tell he was so ready to see his bride and Michelle walking towards him was full of such excitement! When Wes turned around his breath was taken away and I am not going to lie I might have cried a little as well. The emotions you felt that day were so true and very much Wes and Michelle. This first look was by far one of my favorites I have ever photographed.

Dustina+Zach -Excited To Be Married

Dustina and Zach contacted me for their engagement session last year but weren’t too sure about when they were going to get married until they reached out to me again in June to plan for their mid-July wedding! They planned a wedding within a month and it all came together so beautifully. They were so excited to just BE married that all of the huge ridiculously extravagant things weren’t needed all they needed were each other, their families, and their closest friends. This wedding was such a good way to get back to photographing weddings after the fire. Dustina and Zach were the perfect couple for me to ease back into reality when things went crazy in my life. Thank you Dustina and Zach for loving on me and choosing me to photograph your beautiful day because you were part of the healing process for me.


Karianne+Jamie -First Dance Feels.

Karianne and Jamie were one of my couples that when I walked away from the engagement session I wanted the wedding the next day because I was just so excited! Thier relationship is full of so much joy and through what life throws at you they stick together and are such a strong team. You can really feel the love they have for each other and it was very evident when they had their first dance. It was like no one was around, they were all by themselves swaying back and forth with the sunset behind them. When I watch my couples first dance I love seeing how they shut off from the craziness of the wedding day and focus on just each other. Those couple of minutes mean so much to the bride and groom and that is why first dances are one of my favorite moments on a wedding day.


Logan+Austin -Be True To Yourself

When you talk to Austin and Logan you feel like they have old souls that fit so perfectly together. Thier wedding venue was exactly what I had pictured in my head of what it would look and feel like! Every aspect of their wedding was a part of their personalities from the vintage car to the hayfield we took photos in it was Logan and Austin to a T. I try and always tell my couples to be true to yourselves because you won’t want to look back at your wedding images wondering what happened to the original vision you had felt in your heart. Thank you, Logan and Austin for being so genuine and unique because I feel like that is what makes you an ellAdele couple.

Rachel+Cody -Laughing Is Contagious

Rachel glowed, laughed, and smiled the ENTIRE day of her wedding and because of that every single person there did the exact same thing. You could tell that she was just thrilled finally be able to call Cody her husband. It is one of my favorite things with my couples when I see them so comfortable with each other and that makes for some natural photographs like this one. I cannot even remember what was said or what happened but with so many of the photographs from their wedding Rachel and Cody have the biggest smiles on their faces. This is why I love my job so much.


Jessi+John -Belly Laughs Are The Best

Being around these two I could see how they complimented each other so well. During their couples portraits Jessi was either laughing so hard because of what John said or did or she was hitting him in the arm because of what he said or did. Their banter back and forth and then their sweet smiles after giving each other a hard time was the icing to my cake on their wedding day. When I can capture moments like this, natural unforced moments, they make my heart so happy.


Katy+Jarrod -Sweet Surprises 

During Katy and Jarrod’s reception Jarrod surprised Katy with a little concert. Now to you this might not sound like a crazy thing but for the people that know Jarrod it was a big deal! I haven’t heard him sing in years so to see how much work and love he put into singing to Katy was such a heart warming experience. Katy was completely surprised and it was hard to hold back the tears seeing how happy and surprised she was. That moment was so special for the both of them and so many of their closest friends and family were able to witness it. Sweet surprises are some of the best moments on a busy wedding day.


Kate+Kyle -All Of The Seasons

Kate and Kyle in one day had sun and warm, rainy and cold, and finally snowy and windy! I mean who else can say they had that many different types of weather patterns on their wedding day?! The best part was seeing how Kate and Kyle were not phased one bit from it! Their wedding was such a great adventure and for my first Colorado wedding it had me wanting more and more Colorado weddings! I am totally okay with having so many weird weather days with how many beautiful photos we got out of it!


Liz+Ed -No Wedding Dress Stops Her

Liz and Ed had some interesting weather on their wedding day, that weekend was one of the rainiest in October but that didn’t stop Liz from stomping through a field in her white dress and I though that was AWESOME! Her and Ed didnt let the rain cramp thier style and that made my job so blissful! To let you in on a secret- Even with a wet dress that may be a little dirty you can still have a good day 😉

Becca+Corey -Name In Lights

I had waited soooo long for this wedding!! Becca and Corey make such a great team and watching him support her and her support him is such an inspiration to me. Seeing them together on thier wedding day loving on each other and making each other laugh made for a good way to head towards the end of my wedding season. They were meant for each other and to have been able to watch their love grow over the last couple of years and myself growing closer to Becca made my heart smile. The marque at The Coronado was their little splurge and it was something I am happy they did! They love downtown and are so proud of it so to have their names on the marque was a highlight for them!

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