The White Label

When thinking about what my last studio lacked when it came to the design of it, it was hard to think of the downsides to it and the only thing I could think of was the yellow wood floors. So moving into this new studio I wanted to make sure that the shooting space was completely flooded with natural light, lots of whites including the floor, and very welcoming without feeling like a hospital. Once Christopher started working on the space I finally saw the vision I had in my head come to life little by little. In the last studio, I sadly wasn’t able to use it for boudoir, so I wanted to make it a point to create this space to start getting back to what I loved doing, which was making every woman feel confident and beautiful the way God made her.


Getting back into boudoir was an easy decision, but I didn’t want just to do the typical boudoir events, I wanted to create an entirely different brand off of ellAdele that would be an experience any time of the year for ladies. I was explaining this to Christopher, and so we started tossing around different names, one he mentioned was The Black Label. I really loved having the word label in it but not the word black, it didn’t feel like it matched the environment we created in the shooting space, so I instantly thought WHITE. White because when you walk into that room all you see is this bright space with so many white textures and materials and white is very much a bridal color. I wanted to appeal to not only my brides but to the women out there who want to have a fun session and love on themselves, and I really wanted it to be an experience that future mommies could remember the love of their bump.


When I thought of what I wanted The White Label to be, I thought of the style that ellAdele has been, whimsical, romantic, and natural. Whimsical by the textures I bring into the session like the robes, blankets, greenery, and furs. Romantic because when you look at my colors, they are soft, pastels in what the women are wearing, and having a taste of a classic look. And finally, Natural, natural because of how not only the hair and makeup is but the way I edit my ladies. I feel like you should be proud of the body God created just for you, so the only crazy editing I do is skin softening if really needed. If you have a small blemish that you would like to have edited out, I am totally good with that, but the crazy photoshop editing is not what I do.

The White Label experience starts with you getting your hair and makeup done at Arch Apothecary which is right across the street from me! After hair and makeup, you will walk over to my studio where you can go through my robes and clothing options that are available for you to use for your session! I do recommend to my ladies that bringing your own bras and underwear are important, so you are at your most comfortable. The colors are essential when it comes to your session and how I photograph and edit. The style is effortless, clean, and bright. So, keep in mind when you do bring your own items that you keep it more towards the neutrals, light blues, and light pinks. Black is totally welcome as well, but I would try and stay away from reds, hot pinks, or oranges.

If you would like to customize your session a little more you can add on a spray tan from Rd Artistry, a flower crown from London Avenue Designs, a beautiful white covered lay-flat album, fine art prints with a keepsake box, and if you book The White Label session you get a BHLDN robe with an amazing carved wooden hanger! BHLDN is one of my favorite bridal stores and created from one of my favorite clothing stores, Anthropologie! The robes they sell are soft; even the lace is soft which is so hard to find! It’s an awesome up and coming brand in the bridal industry, and I am so thankful I can share the robes with all of you ladies when you come to the studio for your session!


Now, to be done with my rambling on I hope you got a small taste of what this new project is like! I am so beyond proud to be working with the ladies from each one of those businesses and that not only my brides get The White Label experience, but ANY woman can experience it! If you have any questions about The White Label and the experience, please email me at Elizabeth@ellAdelephotography, I am more than happy to answer any question or even grab a cup of coffee to talk more!


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