Jake+Whitney .Klehm Arboretum.

If you would have asked me in 2008 what I could see myself doing it definitely would not be photographing my awesome classmate’s weddings, but sure enough, God works in some odd ways! I am so beyond thankful that God has led me down the path of photography because I can capture amazing weddings like Jake and Whitney’s. On their wedding day, it was so wonderful to be a fly on the wall and watch them interact with not just their friends and family but also with each other. When I saw them lock eyes during the ceremony, it was like everyone else disappeared, and it was like that the rest of the night. They were so focused on each other and spending quality time even though with wedding days you really don’t get that. It was truly an honor to photograph their wedding and to just watch them really enjoy each other through the craziness.


Jake and Whitney I know I have thanked you so many times but again thank you for choosing me to photograph your day, I walked away from your wedding thanking God that I really am so blessed to have the job that I do.


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