Daniel+Emily .KilbuckCreekWedding.

Sometimes you have brides who are rather stressed, some who are more worried about how things need to be absolutely perfect, and who are too focused on the fine little details that really no one will notice. Then there are a lot of the times you have brides who are beyond chill, excited to be married, who are just wanting to see their groom at the end of the aisle, and who are ready to have lots of fun…..that is the kind of bride Emily was. She was super chill and just ready to spend time with Daniel who at the end of that aisle was glowing and might have had a few tears as he saw Emily walk towards him. These two were so much fun on their wedding day, I have never had a groom lift a tree out of a walking path before and be totally fine with dirt all over his white shirt. To me, this means these two were the perfect couple for me. They were open to my exploring Kilbuck Creek and just ready to come along for the ride. I walked away from this wedding with my cheeks hurting from laughing all day and constantly smiling because I saw how happy Daniel and Emily made each other. These two have such an exciting future ahead and I cannot wait to see what happens! 

Of course I need a photo with my brides!

Can’t forget my grooms!

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