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7 Sep

Jake+Whitney .Klehm Arboretum.

If you would have asked me in 2008 what I could see myself doing it definitely would not be photographing my awesome classmate’s weddings, but sure enough, God works in some odd ways! I am so beyond thankful that God has led me down the path of photography becauseĀ I can capture amazing weddings like Jake […]

18 Oct

Kate+Mario .RockfordIllinoisWedding.

Kate and Mario’s wedding was so much fun! They had the sweetest friends and family that made me feel right at home. It is so crazy how life brings you back to the people that are meant to be in it. Like Kate and Mario, they went to the same high school but didn’t connect […]

2 Sep

Emily+Kevin .RockfordCountryClub.

I met Kevin a few years ago when I started working out at Anytime Fitness; I had told him I was a photographer and at the time I was just doing it on the side. I never thought that a few years later I would be photographing him marrying his best friend, Emily! I was […]

28 Jul

Kristi+Philip .RockfordIllinoisWedding.

When I first met Kristi she and her mom came to my home for our first meeting, when I was done with my meeting Lincoln(my husband) looked at me and said: “There was way too much laughter to have a real meeting.” He was right; there was a lot of laughing going on with Kristi […]