“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” -Joseph Chilton Pearce



Hi, I’m Elizabeth and welcome to ellAdele photography where lots of belly laughs, scrunchy nose smiles, happy tears, and new friendships happen! I am happy to see you ended up here!



A little bit about me! I am a……

Follower of Jesus. Traveler. Adventurer. Guitar Player. Bonus and Brand New Momma. Cat Lady. Gum Chewer. Target Obsessed. Best Friend. Lover of Pretty Things and Scrunchy Nose Smile. Tea Drinker. Coral Color Addict. Baby Lover. And most important to your wedding day…..your photographer.


I started taking photos when I was 16, my dad bought me a little point and shoot for Christmas in 2006, so I would stop stealing his camera. I loved the whole editing and creating side of photography. About three years ago I got myself a DSLR, and the journey of ellAdele photography began. People always mispronounce ellAdele, so it goes a little like this, ellA-Adele. It’s two separate words that share the A, my first name is Elizabeth, and my middle name is Adele. One day I was bored, and I thought of combining my nickname with my middle name and BAM! I came up with ellAdele.

I work hard at building a friendship with my bride and groom. On wedding days you can see me helping put the bride’s dress on, fixing the garter if it starts slipping, boob checking because sometimes strapless dresses can start falling (I got you, ladies), pinning the boutonnieres on the groom and groomsmen, doing The Wobble at the reception(I love dancing), stepping in and saying no for the bride and groom when people just won’t listen, and best of all knowing that my couples can turn to me at the end of the night with nothing but happiness knowing they didn’t have to worry about any hiccups because they knew I had their back.

I want to be your best friend and the person you can turn to on your wedding day.  So click the “contact me” button so we can talk about how you get to marry the person you’ve waited for all of your life and how I can capture your favorite day!